Our Equipment

Mobile Observatory

We have invested heavily in our Astronomy equipment to enhance your view of the night sky. Two different types of telescopes. A computerised Celestron 8 inch Edge HD which we use primarily for astroimaging and a 10 inch Dobsonian which customers can use themselves which is fantastic for viewing large fields of stars. We also carry with us hand held astrobinoculars, perfect for lying down with to look up at the vast fields of stars in the Milky Way.

Our Transport

Our small fleet consists of three vehicles, a 16 seat Mercedes Sprinter, a 12 seat Renault Master and an 8 seat Mercedes Valente.


We carry with us a GoPro, Sony a7 and a couple of Mallincam video cameras to attach to the telescope to take images of planets, the moon and deep sky objects such as nebulas and other galaxies. Mallincam is the world leader in astroimaging technology. You can also attach your smartphone to the telescope to take pictures of the moon using our smartphone adaptor. Occasionally we find time to get our drone out which has a VR headset that you can wear which gives you an aerial view as seen through the eyes of the drone’s camera.

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