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Hi, my name is Gavin

I am the lead Tour Guide for Lumineer Adventure Tours. I grew up in Perth with two brothers living close to the Swan River and the Indian Ocean.

Most of my leisure time growing up was spent exploring the river or the ocean, surfing, snorkelling or trying to catch a fish for our dinner.

Growing up in Western Australia

Our parents loved the outdoors and the Australian Outback and our weekends and holidays were filled with adventures exploring Western Australia. Surfing with dolphins, catching fish for our dinner and camping under the stars were regular activities.

We love getting away from it all in our four wheel drive, exploring interesting places with a group of friends. We have seen some amazing things over the years on land, in the water and in the night sky.


Exploring our native environment

I started this business because I wanted to share these experiences in nature with other people.

I have a passion for understanding how the Australian Aborigines lived before European settlement, their understanding of the environment they lived in and their ability to survive the Australian Outback was second to none.

In more recent times, I have begun to appreciate the dark skies we have in Western Australia, making us a perfect destination for people who love the wonders of the night sky.

Join our extended family

The business grew very quickly and after six months, my wife Natalie started working full time for us. She has a passion for cooking and hosting guests and is in charge of designing our food options on our tours.

As the business continued to grow our daughter Madeleine was given some roles which she fits in around her university studies.

We were also fortunate enough to employ one of our daughter’s closest friends, Isaac who is studying tourism and has taken on the role of Operations Manager.

So come and join our team for a day of Stars, Stories and Discoveries.

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